Tube Bending, Pipe Bending & Manipulation

Tube bending or tube manipulation is made up of various types of metal bending processes. We are able to offer the following processes at our works:

Mandrel Bending

Up to 204mm o.d on NC, and CNC machines.

Tube Rolling

Up to 168mm o.d on manual and CNC machines.

Our comprehensive range of pipe bending and tube bending machines able us to offer a wide variety of bending services, including CNC Tube Bending, tube or pipe measurement, coiling and cold bending.

We link our CNC tube bending Mandrel machines direct to our CMM Tube measuring facility to accurately measure and record the tube bend data being produced from the machines. This enables us to maintain the high accuracy and increased repeatability of components that our customers require.

Please contact us regarding your bending requirements on +44 (0) 1483 773208 or send us an email