A Story of Quality, Skill, Service and Passion

In 1949, Tubecraft was founded in Woking and heading for an exciting journey. Seventy successful years later and now based in Lymington our family-run British company led by Managing Director Ross Turner prides itself on offering the largest and finest tube bending services in the South of England.

Constantly pushing technical boundaries, Tubecraft specialises in producing a highly bespoke service and offers bending services for a wide variety of sections including tube, pipe, aluminium extrusions and brass & copper sections on the latest CNC tube bending and CNC section rolling machines.

As an innovative, flexible and enthusiastic team, our customers benefit from direct contact with our specialist engineers in the bending field and quick decision making on solutions to your specific projects.

Based in Lymington and with the very latest in technology and machinery, we serve both our UK and International clients with speed and efficiency. Whether you require one-off prototyping or larger volume production in tube bending and manipulation, we’ve got you covered.



With a highly skilled and carefully hand-selected team, we pride ourselves on only the very best in quality and service. Our team is genuinely proud of the level of bespoke high-end work we produce, and the quality of our finished products are testament to our standards of excellence where each piece is finished with precision.

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