Copper Pipe Bending

If you are looking for a copper pipe bending specialist then look no further than T&T Tubecraft. We can achieve superior quality, highly accurate and repeatable Copper Pipe Bending using our CNC Bending machine. We utilise the latest equipment to be able to offer solutions for even the most complex of projects. With the largest mandrel bending tool in the South East of the UK it gives us the unique opportunity to offer flexibility in part design for our customers.

Our copper pipe bending services mean whatever your project may be the team at T&T Tubecraft can help. Whether it is multiple pieces or a one off. A simple or a complex bend. Whatever your requirements may be, we have you covered

A UK based company that can provide bending services for a varied list of industries, applications and designs. In service since 1949 (therefore armed with over seventy years experience) we can design and develop bends for lengths up to 7.6m and with a maximum diameter of 168.3mm O/D.


Copper pipe bending services


Copper is one of the key metal materials that we offer bending services for. The versatility of our machines means we can produce a product to the majority of specifications. With production runs from a single prototype right through to mass production, let us assist you with your bending requirements.  We also offer delivery, on our own transport, a UK nationwide next day courier service and European and International freight.

We have Capacity from 3mm O.D. – 114.3mm O.D. Our high quality bends means we can achieve tight radius bends, thin wall bends, parts requiring tight tolerances, repeatability and a capability for creating complex tube forms. This helps set us apart from our competitors.


Why choose T&T Tubecraft?


Here at T&T Tubecraft, we can create products for a range of industries and uses. Including – but not limited to: construction, architectural, motorsport, aerospace and more.

We are able to offer a full export service for its products for Domestic and International Customers. We can arrange logistics by Land, Air or Sea with our Global logistic partners and offer a full tracking service for our products.

Are you looking for coiling services? We can offer copper pipe coiling from 3mm – 168mm in diameter. This is undertaken for the following coil designs:

• Helical
• Serpentine
• Pancake

In addition to coiling we offer a range of other bending services available using copper as the key material. Using industry leading CNC machines we can create unique and highly specified products.

For full information and to learn more about our services please contact us. With an innovative, flexible and enthusiastic team, our customers benefit from direct contact with our specialist engineers in the bending field and quick decision making on solutions to your specific projects.



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