Mandrel Bending

We offer the largest range of mandrel bending tooling in the South of England.

The range of our mandrel bending machine gives us the opportunity to provide a service that can offer a full range to suit any requirements. Operating with the most recent technology allows us to be industry leading in our offering. With capabilities of multi-stack, right and left-hand bending – with fixed and variable bend radii – we can produce unique products for our clients.


Why choose us for Mandrel Bending?


The materials we can offer include carbon steel, austenitic materials, aluminum alloys, medium and high alloyed steels, inconel and hastelloy materials and Brass and copper alloys. Tubecraft then offer a capacity from 3mm O.D. – 114.3mm O.D.

Our Mandrel Bending expertise can offer high quality, tight radius bends, thin wall bends, parts requiring light tolerances, repeatability and the capability of producing complex tube forms.

T&T Tubecraft have been offering bending services since 1949 and plus seventy successful years later, our family-run British company prides itself on offering the largest and finest tube bending services in the South of England

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