Extrusion Bending

Extrusion bending by highly skilled operators

T&T Tubecraft combine the very latest in technology with highly skilled operators to handle your extrusion bending requirements. 

In 1949, Tubecraft was born in Woking and heading for an exciting journey. Seventy successful years later, our family-run British company led by Managing Director Ross Turner prides itself on offering the largest and finest tube bending services in the South of England.

We’re able to design and manufacture custom tooling to suit your extrusion bending needs. On submission of your extrusion profile, our engineers will be happy to advise the limitations of the bending ability of each section.

Our machines can CNC roll extrusions mostly in aluminium, but also in brass and steel rolled sections. These are often rolled with the use of special tooling, to various radii and include elliptical curves for architectural applications.

We also offer section bending and you can learn more about our tube & section rolling services.


We roll and bend:

  • Architectural extrusions
  • Glazing sections
  • Aluminium angle
  • Brass angle
  • Curtain rail extrusions
  • Track extrusions
  • Conveyor track sections


As an innovative, flexible and enthusiastic team, our customers benefit from direct contact with our specialist engineers in the bending field and quick decision making on solutions to your specific projects.



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