An Introduction to Section Bending

Section Bending, also known as profile bending or section rolling, is a metal forming process used to bend or curve structural shapes and profiles into specific shapes or radii. Unlike section rolling, which primarily focuses on changing the cross-sectional shape of the material, section bending is all about altering the curvature of the material while maintaining its original cross-sectional profile.


The Process of Section Bending

The section bending process typically involves using specialised machines known as section benders or profile bending machines. These machines have sets of rollers and dies that are carefully adjusted to match the desired bending radius and shape. The metal workpiece, which can be in the form of I-beams, tubes, angles, channels, or other structural profiles, is then fed through the machine.



As the workpiece passes through the rollers, they apply force to the material, bending it along the desired axis. The number of passes and adjustments to the rollers may be necessary to achieve the precise curvature required for the specific application.


Section Bending Applications in Industry

Section bending is commonly used in the manufacturing of curved structural components, such as curved beams, arches, circular frames, and other curved elements found in architecture, aerospace, automotive, and various industrial applications. It allows manufacturers to create complex shapes and structures that offer better load-bearing capabilities, aesthetic appeal, and versatility in design.


Tubecraft’s Section Bending service

Section Bending is a fundamental metalworking process which we offer in all materials. Our section bending process offers tube bending services for round, square and rectangular tubes on our machines. From 9.53mm O.D up to 168.3mm O.D and often in thin wall sections (0.75mm) up to 10mm, can be bent on our NC and CNC rolling machines.

We can manufacture custom tooling to fit your extrusion bending requirements. On submission of your profile, our engineers will be more than happy to advise the limitations of the bending ability for each section. Throughout the process our customers benefit from direct contact with our specialist engineers in the bending field.

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